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Along with a improved navigation and a gallery to show past projects, we created custom solutions for the store and easy file uploads for customers to provide their design inspirations. For a new segment of the clients business, we added a coaching and classes booking function  to satisfy requests from her growing audience seeking advice about business, crafting and equipment. To date, the client reports dramatic increases in sales and traffic.


The client was underwhelmed by her former website.  It was servicable in function but lacked the style and messaging that the client desired, and did little to inspire consumer confidence.  The client wanted her personality infused into the site to excite her visitors about learning and working with her and communicate her genuine care and love of the business.


E-Commerce Custom Shop


Making Tabby and her voice the cornerstone of the brand was key, and finding the right palette and logo to enhance her personality took exploration.

Brighter and bolder palettes were too overwhelming. The palette chosen creates a whimsical, yet crafty vibe with a slightly organic feel.  It is welcoming and fun, and it fits Tabitha perfectly.



A video walktrough of the home page:

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