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The website has functioned quite well for the rescue, is optimized for mobile and has improved operations with minimal updates or needed changes.  We were proud and honored to donate this site build to such a worthy organization.

An explainer video helps answer frequently asked questions about the adoption process while providing transparency.

The web page features a simple Home page design with many menu items anchored to corresponding information. Unsightly info such as a text heavy FAQ and forms are kept off the main page. The result is simple, elegant and easy to navigate.



Branding colors were developed from an existing logo the rescue had already purchased . The typography was also chosen to compliment the existing logo design.


Mutts & More Inc. Is a non-profit, non-breed specific animal rescue organization that is entirely volunteer run.  To maximize volunteer's time and the operations efficiency, it was critical for the rescue to have a website that could collect needed data from potential adopters and volunteers via online forms, as well as, automate responses and daily tasks as much as possible.


Animal Rescue



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