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Marriage Officiant Maureen Ciarametaro needed a way establish an online presence to take advantage of digitally advertising her services through portals such as The Knot. It was important to the client to keep it simple, showcase both her inclusivity and experience; as well as highlight actual couples. 


Wedding Officiant




As a small service provider, a design theme was all that was required; and the client was offered several carefully curated mood boards to define the tone. The final choice was a soft, predominantly pastel palette pulling from beach inspirations. Located on the Florida coast, beach weddings are popular with couples seeking a non secular venue.

The website has served as the cornerstone for the client's growing business, providing the reputation and trust factor needed to create clientele growth in a competitive industry. With a total build time of around 20 hours it also stands as proof that a small, tasteful site isn't out of reach for small businesses.

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